American Manufacturers of Premium Gas Refills

The first Company to introduce a USA Made pharmaceutical grade N-Butane and N-Blend in aerosol cans!
Dedicated to innovation through our deep connection with hydrocarbon industry, CAPITAL BUTANE has once again defined the leaders of N-Butane and Butane blends.



Our staple product, the foundation of Capital Butane's market innovation.

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At Capital Butane, our standards for exceeding quality and expectations were most important when creating the first specially formulated LPG mixture. Maintaining those standards, N-Blend was mixed here in the United States using only the highest quality N-BUTANE and N-PROPANE, for consumers who prefer maximum burning temperatures. N-Propane has specific properties that raise the pressure of the cans contents and provide maximum burning temperatures, especially at high elevations and colder climates.

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Butane Torches and Accessories

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Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Guarantee 

       Capital Butane’s guarantee covers mechanical parts only under normal use and excludes damages resulting from misuse, tampering and abuse of torches. Torches filled with fuel other than Capital Butane are not warrantied. Also the warranty does not apply to the outer case finish of the torch. If you find yourself with a Capital Butane torch that you believe falls under warranty, your options for repair are:

Best option:

      Bring the torch to your nearest Capital Butane authorized dealer and we’ll cover postage. We will return the torch to the retailer completely repaired within three weeks.

Mail in your torch

 Clearly print your name, desired return address, and telephone number at which you can be reached.

 Send $7 ($20 international) for return postage along with your torch to:

 Please use insurance and track your shipment. Protect your torch with tissue or bubble wrap to protect the case. Capital Butane is not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

 Your complete contact information must be included.

 Mail torches to:

Capital Butane Attn: Torch repair

1550 S Main

Willits, CA 95490

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